Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Speedster Wheelchair - sports wheelchairs

A couple of years ago, the company TankChair presented a highly original product - a wheelchair-terrain crawler. Since then a lot has changed, in particular, the British authorities forbade the people to move on such carriages on the street, equating them to the tanks. The developer, of course, could not remain indifferent to such a flouting of its own interests and introduced a new amazing product - namely, a racing wheelchair. The new machine was called Speedster Wheelchair. It is equipped with an electric capacity of 1 liter. with. that spins to 2400 rpm. Racing destination answers and all the rest: aluminum frame, 21-inch alloy wheels and most importantly - comfortable racing seat production Corbeau. Here are just pay for the Speedster Wheelchair will have $ 17500.

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